Permanent Staffing

This option caters to requirements for middle to junior level management positions. We manage the entire hiring process which includes:

  • Understanding the client’s requirements
  • Sourcing candidates
  • Screening and Shortlisting candidates
  • Conducting Interviews
  • Pre-hiring Process and Job Offer

 Executive Search

This is a retainer model addressing senior, top management, CXO and specialised roles.

Turnkey Recruitment Assignments

This caters to a specialised recruitment process that handles large volume requirements and is best suited for start-ups or new projects including large scale expansion of teams across geographical locations.


This option provides for a dedicated resource for a specific period or project assignment. Our expertise lies in Business and Systems Analysis and Design, Process Improvement, Enterprise and Solution Architecture, Programme, Project and Change Management and Software Development and Testing. Augment and Recruit has perfected the application of best practice capabilities to define effective business solutions. Our capabilities include:

Project Management

This involves planning, managing and controlling resources in order to achieve specific project goals. The resources are effectively managed to produce the required products and deliverables to achieve the project goals.


Outputs of this include project plans, progress reports, risk and issue management, budget management, product output management.

Process Improvement

This involves the identification, analysis and definition of processes in the current context and designing the desired future state to improve the manner in which business functions are performed.


Outputs of this include a designed set of processes that innovate and improve the way business functions are performed.

Business Analysis and Design

This involves the identification of business needs/problems and determining appropriate business solutions. This can be performed at the enterprise level down to the business unit



Outputs of this often include a business architecture, feasibility study or business case.

  • Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • Systems Analysis and Design

Custom Web Development - Website designing; website development and mobile application development services; Development languages include PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax, XML, Angular.js, node.js and many more; Databases include MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo and others

Mobile application development for Android & iOS; Mobile technologies include iPhone (Xcode, Swift) and Android (Java)

Business Intelligence - BI Planning & Strategy; Business Analytics; Data Management; Data Mining & Benchmarking; Data Warehousing Assistance; Analysis & Reporting Support; Data Visualization

Test Management - End to End Quality Strategies; Test Maturity Assessments; Test Optimization; TCoE setup; General Test Management Role on projects.

Functional Testing - Functional Testing for any type of SDLC models. Manual functional testing and automated functional testing; Technical functional testing such as web service, API and database testing; Expertise in various manual and automated functional testing tools; Coordination of User Acceptance Testing.

Non-functional Testing - Performance testing / engineering in methodologies such as SDLC and Agile; Expertise in various performance testing tools; Security Testing.

Digital Testing - Mobile Testing (Functional + Performance); Cross browser testing; Device Testing; Omni-Channel Testing; IoT Testing

Systems analysis involves defining and designing the required system functionality to support the business requirements.

Outputs of this include system functional requirements.

Each client will have access to trained and experienced resources to work on their projects. Each of our resources are hired and trained where required, after a stringent process of recruitment. Our emphasis is on making the projects person independent, which is achieved through various attrition handling techniques. While we reduce the attrition in our projects through various motivational exercises and skills upgradation techniques, we also ensure a smooth transition in case needed.

The knowledge transfer is transparent to the client and done seamlessly, thereby saving cost and effort.

  • A well-defined transition approach is followed, which is embedded into our delivery methodologies through well documented process documents, standard reports and open & known Issues.
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